Saving Money on Your Locksmithing Needs

One of the things we see happening all over the Valley is that homeowners are hunkering down and staying in their home if they own one. In the process, they’re putting money into making their homes safer and more comfortable.

There are some great ways to spend money on your home security and some great ways to save money in the process. Today, we’re going to talk about some ways you can save money on your security needs. Here are some of the options we like:

Spare keys

One of the higher locksmith costs is an emergency lockout call. Not only can this cost you money, but it can also make you late for work, court, your wedding, or any number of events you don’t want to miss. People become forgetful when they’re excited or rushed, which is precisely the time you need that spare key! And we make them.

Fix locks promptly

If you have a problem with your lock or door, fix it ASAP! If the key is turning reluctantly, it is probably the key or lock, and a locksmith will have to repair it, but other problems, such as the hinges needing to be tightened or even the doorknob screws needing to be tightened are things you can door yourself.

Not only can you possibly prevent a lockout if the doorknob becomes stuck, but you might also avoid damage to the door frame.


Instead of replacing all the locks in your home if there are too many keys floating around, get the locks in your home rekeyed. Rekeying is cheaper than replacing all of your locks, and you can have them all keyed the same.

Security layers


Nothing beats a pair of eyes around the home, and home security cameras provide that! Even the Ring doorbell offers a view from your front door when you aren’t home, bringing peace of mind wherever you go. You can also buy additional cameras for other areas of your property, including wired, wireless, and solar powered.

Keep a trustworthy locksmith in your contacts

The reason you need a trustworthy locksmith is that the fly-by-night locksmiths are trained to drill first, meaning the lock will be destroyed rather than preserved. As a result, not only do you have to pay for the locksmith, but you have to replace the ruined lock. There are even some underhanded individuals who have been known to conveniently ‘forget’ to give the customer the key to the new lock and then charge for a service call to bring it back to them! Bad people posing as locksmiths make the rest of us smoking mad.

If you have a locksmith or security need that I can help with, please give me a call! I’d love to hear from you.

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