Types of Safes

People buy safes for a variety of reasons. The word ‘safe’ has broad implications, doesn’t it? But, there are different types of safes, and each one has different strengths. Today we’re going to talk about some elements a homeowner may want to consider during the safe-buying process.


Types of safes

While the average homeowner will buy a safe and think it’s good for protecting his valuables, he could be in for a terrible shock when he comes home after a home burglary only to discover his fire safe has been broken into and the contents removed. A homeowner who has a floor safe and thinks that being surrounded by concrete will keep his documents safe from fire might be startled to learn that the door of the safe, even a metal one, will allow a fire to permeate the safe. Burglary and fire safes are different.


The third element which a homeowner needs to consider is the physical mass of the contents. Not just what a person will want to protect now, but what else is likely to become valuable enough to add to the safe in the long term.


Underwriter’s Laboratory rates safes and these ratings can help guide the consumer toward a safe suitable for their needs. Whether it’s fire, burglar, or tool resistance ratings, U.L. can help because each element is carefully tested before they create a report.

Composite safes

So, if a homeowner is looking for a safe which is fire and burglar rated, he is seeking two entirely different things. Data media safe

Data and media safe

What can a homeowner do if they have valuable media? Many types of media are never secure in a fire safe, which can create steam in high heat and damage these precious items. Anything which can’t handle high temperature or moisture is at risk, including photo film, negatives, electronics, and more.

Gun safes

Many gun safes aren’t fire or burglary safe; they’re merely a means of keeping the firearms locked away from the children. It’s essential to be aware of the level of protection a gun safe offers during the initial purchase process.

The more information a homeowner has about types of safes and ratings, the more likely he will be to purchase a safe which is suitable for his needs. The right safe will protect belongings and not cause disappointment in the event the safe is tested for its capability. If you want a safe, are having problems with your safe, or want to talk about safes in general, give me a call. Let’s talk.

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