When Should a Business Rekey Their Building?

Running a business can be an expensive proposition; however, building security is not a place where it is wise to cut corners. At the same time, a company can realize substantial savings without compromising security if they rekey, rather than replace locks when the circumstances demand it. Here we offer some of the reasons a business may want to have their locks rekeyed.

When Security Has Been Compromised


After a break-in, or if keys have been lost or fallen into the wrong hands, rekeying is a way of resecuring the structure without resorting to the purchase of new locks. Break-ins can be unsettling to management and employees alike. Certainly, if the locks have been severely compromised, rekeying may not be possible, but it is an economical option in many cases if the locks are still sound.

When Turnover has been pronounced (layoffs)

When a company has an upsurge of layoffs rekeying is a way to resecure the building from former employees, some of whom may be disgruntled enough not to be thinking clearly. It also offers tremendous peace of mind to management, even when those who were laid off were of the highest moral character.

This also applies if a company has had a steady turnover through the years and can no longer say with 100% certainty that an ex-employee or workman doesn’t have a spare key. Sometimes, rekeying is just a wise option.

When moving into a new location

A new building is rife with possibilities, but one of them doesn’t have to be low-quality security. Having the whole building rekeyed is a means of starting off without having security concerns over former tenants, workers, or others who may have possession of a key. Having the locks in a new location rekeyed will also give the locksmith a chance to look over the existing hardware to make sure it’s reliable and worth keeping. If a locksmith feels a piece of hardware falls short of minimum standards, it can be replaced at that time, thus saving a problem down the road when it may not occur at a convenient time.

If you’re in the process of moving your business, getting ready to call for layoffs or have had a breach in security, you can call us, and we will come out and rekey your locks. Security is an essential component of a successful enterprise, and we’re here to help.

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