Kevlar Protection

One of the most critical aspects of security is having materials which provide safety by keeping threats to a minimum. Locksmiths and other security professionals are always seeking new and better ways to give businesses and customers with impermeable protection products and plans. But, protecting ourselves, loved ones and others doesn’t stop with locks and keys. Sometimes, protection has to go further.

One such product that offers such protection is Kevlar.

Tom Nardone models a Kevlar vest

Tom Nardone models a Kevlar vest

Stephanie Kwolek was an American chemist who discovered Kevlar in the 1960’s while searching for a formula for better tires. Kevlar is a synthetic aromatic polyamide: five times stronger than steel, but as it is plastic, it’s lightweight and flexible. As body armor protection, it didn’t come into widespread use until the 1970’s. 

Body Armor

Kevlar fiber has been used to provide Kevlar vests for security, law enforcement, and soldiers for a long time. But it is also used to create bullet resistant and cut resistant clothing,  accessories (Youngstown Kevlar-lined gloves) and other products for road crews, railroad employees and construction workers.

Kevlar vests are available for men, women, and children of all ages and sizes.

Kevlar vests are available for men, women, and children of all ages and sizes.

Athletic Safety

Athletes also use Kevlar products for protection, although it’s not for security:: some of the products used by athletes include shoes (Reebok Crossfit footwear and Adidas Freak X Kevlar football cleats). These are made exceptionally strong to protect the feet of those on the playing field. Motorcycle riders can get Kevlar padding for elbow, knee, and shoulder padding. 

Expanded security for all

A new breed of customer is emerging: these are members of the general public who have jobs in the media, ambulance drivers, teachers, and other people in the private sector industries who no longer feel safe. BulletSafe vests were developed by Tom Nardone, an entrepreneur who began selling a one-size-fits-most Kevlar vest in 2013 for under $300. A Kevlar ball cap is $129.

Last year, Nardone sold 2.5 million dollars worth. This year, he expects to top 3.5 million. With the rising rate of violent person crime and terrorist attacks, this success is not surprising. 


Safe Rooms

StormRoom™ storm shelters protect families from ‘flying debris during tornadoes and hurricanes.' Kevlar-infused shelters are built to endure winds of up to 250 mph, the type found in Category 5 hurricanes and F5 tornadoes. This kind of room can also be found in the homes of the wealthy as a safeguard against intruders.


Dupont makes billions

Although Ms. Kwolek didn’t personally benefit from Kevlar, her employer, Dupont, has made billions of dollars as a result of the discovery as it continues to protect members of law enforcement, the military, and now the general public, athletes and construction workers.  Ms. Kwolek was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1995 and spent her last years encouraging young people, especially girls, to pursue science as a career. As she said, "I don't think there's anything like saving someone's life to bring you satisfaction and happiness," Women in Chemistry, Chemical Heritage Foundation

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