Conceal and Carry

Kahr P380

Kahr P380

Always a hot topic, guns weave in and out of the news on a regular basis. The most recent news regarding school shootings has been horrific making gun safety a priority in every household. Here’s a review of some of the laws, culture, and safety aspects of gun ownership.

Here in Arizona, the current law allows a person over the age of 21 to carry a concealed firearm or deadly weapon within the state. There is no state registry for firearms, and a Concealed Carry Weapon permit is not required, although some individuals will obtain a CCW here for state reciprocity if they travel. Locksmiths get quite a few questions about conceal and carry, gun security and locks. Here are some of those topics.


Guns and children-teach them well

Even though the laws are general, the responsible gun owner will not loosely leave a firearm lying about in Mommy’s purse or Daddy’s jacket pocket. Firearms and unattended children are never a mix; however, studies have shown that children who have been trained in the safety and handling of guns are the ones who are MOST likely to inform an adult immediately if they become aware of an unsecured firearm. Translated, this means that if you don’t want your kid to do something stupid like play with a gun, the best way for that to happen is to teach them firearm safety at a young age.

Guns and women

Women are often gun enthusiasts. There is nothing like a firearm as a great equalizer to make up for a diminutive stature. There are a variety of holsters, thigh and bra belts, and conceal and carry purses. This one holds the weapon in the firing position, for those ladies who don’t want to be rummaging through their handbag during a personal assault. In fact, the people at this company are such good sports that they’ll send you another if you shoot a hole in yours, as long as you send them a copy of the police report.

Guns and Smart security

Former President Obama asked security agencies to develop Smart weapons security. This product, Identilock, is a gun lock which works with the user's own thumbprint as the unlocking mechanism and was designed as a result of the Former President’s request.

Guns hidden at home


One of a thief’s most significant targets besides money and drugs are firearms. Firearms are easily carried, sold, traded, or used, making the legal owner responsible. For this reason, diligent security is essential when guns are kept in the home, not just for the firearms, but for the entire house. If someone manages to break in while the homeowner is at home, it’s likely that a gun will be a part of the self-defense plan. A firearm owner can conceal a weapon at home in a conceal flag display, a biometric gun safe, a regular gun safe or gun room, pistol box, drop shelf, concealment clock, or any one of a dozen other options. The important thing is that the weapon is accessible when the homeowner needs it, and inaccessible to anyone else.

Conceal and carry laws in Arizona are not without restrictions. There are areas where firearms are not permitted. Disclosure to a law enforcement officer if questioned is a requirement. The important thing is to be aware of the laws concerning individual circumstances, know your responsibilities for securing your weapons, and follow them diligently.