Doorknobs and Locksets

I was talking to someone about Brink’s Push Pull Rotate Door Locks, and they are just one of several kinds of door locks available. It’s interesting because there are some that are old and some newer, but they each have their own function.

So, what are all these knobs and locks and what are their functions?

Here are some of the different type of doorknobs, with and without lock functions. Some of the locks don’t have knobs, and some don’t have anything more than a cylinder and keyholes. Here is the rundown.


Door lever

Door lever

An inactive doorknob doesn’t turn or engage. It’s merely a knob to pull, or even stand in as a decorative element. It’s also called a dummy lock. Some doors which have this may be held in place by a magnet, but not always. They are also sometimes used on sliding bifold doors, or on the non-locking side of a double door.


A passage door knob is one which is used for a closet or children’s door. The knob turns from both sides, and the latch engages, but there isn’t a locking mechanism. These are better for children’s rooms than other types.


Privacy knobs are like passage knobs except they can be locked from one side with a small button, and can be unlocked from the other side with a simple tool in case of an emergency. These are best for bathrooms and bedrooms for adults.

Keyed entry knob

Keyed entry knobs are a typical exterior door knob. They are simple to knock with a press, and a turn of the knob on the inside and require a key to open from the other side.

Double cylinder

A double cylinder is a lock which requires a key to open from either side of the door. There is no knob. It’s sometimes used in conjunction with a keyed entry lock or a handset with a latch.

Single cylinder

A single cylinder lock has a thumb turn mechanism on one side and a key lock on the other side. It’s like a keyed entry lock but has the turning mechanism on the inside instead of a knob.

Door Lever

These are the kind with the lever you push down to open the door, and this is the type which works well for weak hands which don’t like turning handles. That is, if you don’t want to get the Brink’s Push Pull Rotate doorknob.

There is a whole bevy of Smart lock options, which you can use with or without your current doorknob. We will talk about those in another post.

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