Car Lockout: What You Need to Do

A car lockout is a very unnerving experience. Unfortunately, it can be even tenser if it’s late at night, the baby is crying, the ice cream is melting, or you’re late for work. Here are some things you can try that might save you from hiring a locksmith like me to come to do an emergency lockout.

Use the key

While this may sound silly, people who have used an electronic key their whole life sometimes forget that the manual key also unlocks the door in the event the electronic key fails. Sometimes an electronic key will fail when it needs a new battery. Hopefully, this happens when you have access to another. We knew a lady who never got a standard door key, but it was a chipped key, so she merely carried an extra battery.


Check the other doors

Each door lock is different. Some lock all of the doors and some don’t. If all of the doors don’t automatically lock, walk around and try all of the entries. If you have a hatchback or wagon, you might be able to get in that way.

Keep an extra set of keys, such as a door key

If you lock your keys in the car, having an extra set of keys is a lifesaver. Having a spare key made is something you can do today which may save you a lot of trouble down the road. Some people still believe the old magnetic keyholder in a secret place on the car is worthwhile. Others wire to spare key to the car somewhere. If you choose one of these, do so with the understanding that if someone wants to steal your car, they may search for a spare key, so hide it well.

If someone else has a set of car keys, they can come to help you out in a pinch. Be wise, though: if you give the key to someone, make sure it’s someone you trust. More on that in another blog.

Get an electronic keypad

An electronic keypad is neat for the person who knows they are going to lock their keys in their car and wants to circumvent disaster. Remember, it’s only worthwhile if you lock the keys in your car, not if you lock them somewhere else.

As always, if you have to pay for an emergency lockout, know your locksmith! There are some great locksmiths out there, but some people you want to avoid. At the bottom of this blog, my phone number is listed. In five seconds, you can have it permanently in your cell phone contact list. If none of the things listed above helps you, give me a call. I will come 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Kwikpick Lock and Safe offers FREE lockout service for children or pets. If you need locksmith services for your Surprise, El Mirage, or Phoenix home or auto, call today! Here is my phone number to put in your cell: Bill 623-300-1889.