Lock Drilling: A Last Resort

This lock has been picked.

This lock has been picked.

Being a locksmith isn’t just a profession or trade; it’s also an art form. We pride ourselves on our ability to master and tame locks--any type of lock.  So, when we can’t open a lock, it’s a source of disappointment to us. There is even an international competition devoted to lock picking. (More on that another day.)That may be the biggest tell between a professional locksmith and a hack--a hack will instantly get out a drill and break in like a burglar. Is it any wonder that so many of the fake locksmiths are also burglars?

Here is a loosely compiled list of steps we take when we go on a lockout call. Generally speaking, lockout victims are tired, angry at themselves, and discouraged. So, we try to get them into their home or car as quickly as possible.

Some key makers don't heed the warnings.

Some key makers don't heed the warnings.

Pick the lock

Lock picking is our specialty. We pick the lock using a rake or a pick gun, although sometimes security pins will make this impossible. Kwikset and Schlage both have Smart locks that can’t be picked and have to be drilled.  They’re excellent protection for you, though!

Bump the lock

A 999 key, also called a bump key, is an essential part of every locksmith’s tool kit. If I can bump the lock, I will. If I can’t pick or bump it, there may be a problem with the internal workings of the lock itself. 

Try another lock

If the house has another pickable lock, I will move to that to try to gain entry. Oddly enough, a lot of homes have only two doors, and if one of them is a patio door, that will sometimes be locked using a dowel stick.  

Drill the lock

After all other all other avenues have been exhausted, I will ask for your permission to pick the lock. It’s a form of defeat because it’s destructive, but once I get to this point, I have a fair idea that there is some damage to the lock itself since most locks can be picked by a pro.  Although, strictly speaking, if there isn’t, there certainly will be once I drill it. Some locks have anti-drill pins, meaning they can’t be drilled, and that means you’ve done your security homework and the lock will have to be destroyed. Medeco or Schlage Primus are two anti-lock picking choices.

A locksmith's bag of tricks is deep!

A locksmith's bag of tricks is deep!

Replace the lock

Last of all, I will replace the lock with one that most closely parallels your security needs and desires. If you have any other locksmithing needs, this would be a good time for me to do those, providing you didn’t call me out at 2 am. 

Kwikpick Lock and Safe offers FREE lockout service for children or pets. If you need locksmith services for your Surprise, El Mirage, or Phoenix home or auto, call today!  Bill 623-300-1889.