The Mental Anguish of Burglary

When a burglary occurs, a homeowner has suddenly become a victim.  Not only may a financial loss occurred if the burglar stole valuable items from their home, but because these items are personal the mental anguish of these events can be significant and severe.  

Once an intruder has invaded their space, a victim may feel constant anxiety and unease, if not outright fear.  The victim may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a significant anxiety disorder which is triggered by a traumatic event, in this case a home invasion.  If the victim is at home he or she may be on edge, wondering if the new security system can really prevent the intruder from returning.  After all, this person knows where the victim lives and has intruded their personal space.  Home is supposed to be a comforting place, a place where one can relax and be free of outside stressors, but for a person whose space has been invaded, home no longer feels safe and comforting.  The victim may jump at any noise wondering “what if?” which can also affect sleep patterns or trigger insomnia, which has even more significant effects on mental illness. 
While at home, in the area that was burglarized, the victim may feel uncomfortable. The outside world is also not comfortable.  The victim may feel fear that their house will be invaded again in their absence, or that the burglar now holds knowledge of the victim that could trace him to them.  This fear is even more pronounced if the burglar is not caught.  The victim will wonder “who was it?” and lose trust in friends, family, coworkers with this constant question of, “Was it you?” in their mind.  

It is imperative, then, after a burglary that the locks be rekeyed and security measures reassessed. Locks, lighting, and alarm systems should be scrutinized for weaknesses. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect anyone in the house, so if a burglary has happened in the home, not only is it important to contact the police, rekey the locks and add security, but the victim may need to contact a professional who can assist with the mental health strain.  Severe anxiety can result in shaking, panic attacks, intense bouts of crying, being unable to shut those invading thoughts out of their minds.  Finding a professional that can support the victim through a traumatic event is crucial if there are any signs of mental anguish after a home invasion.  If you are close to someone who has just been burglarized, you can help them by assisting them to find a professional who treats trauma.  

While treatment and possibly medication may be warranted in these cases, it is quite often that a person cannot get over the sense of invasion and fear that a home burglary may trigger.  Occasionally, it is best if the person moves out of the home either temporarily during treatment or long-term as a fresh start may be what is needed to restore their mental health.  And strong home security is crucial in avoiding a home invasion or burglary.  Security cameras, lights, and other steps go far in relieving the anguish.


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