Professional Safe Installation in the west valley


At Kwikpick Lock & Safe, we sell and install several types of safes designed for a variety of needs. Each safe we offer provides serious protection. Contact us today for more information on availability and pricing, and to see which safe is right for you.

Deposit, Mini Drop Series

Mini drop safes are used in retail stores, delivery trucks, rental offices and other places where cash is handled. These heavy steel containers are designed for mounting under counters or in delivery trucks for cash-handling solutions. With a baffled anti-fish slot for deposits and a continuous hinge with locking bar to prevent a forced door removal, these are perfect for a variety of applications.

deposit mini drop safes.jpeg

Burglary and Fire, FS Series

Fire resistant safes are essential in protecting wills, deeds, tax records, and other important papers in every home. Baron safes meet accepted fire protection standards for paper, they are not suitable for keeping electronic media.

The FS2419 provides a secondary locking function. The safe can be opened with a valid code, unless the safe is locked by the key. If locked by the key, both a valid code and the key are required to open the safe. This is especially useful where several people need code-only day access, but only the manager should have the code and key access after hours.

burglary fire safes.jpeg

Floor Safes, B Series

Floor safes are designed to be installed in the floor. These safes offer excellent burglar-resistance and may be concealed under carpeting or a rug for added security. When installed in a concrete slab, these safes also offer a measure of fire protection.

floor safe.jpeg

Deposit, Money Manager

Designed to store deposits in a separate compartment from tills and change, these solid steel chests help you operate your business efficiently and securely.

money manager safe.jpeg