Packing Precautions When Flying

We all look forward to a vacation, regardless of the circumstances. Whether we’re planning a trip to the beach or a visit to Aunt Marcella, anticipation runs high When we’re taking an airplane.

Before you go, Make sure your home is secure with some of our previous home security tips.

To have the best time possible and come home with all of your belongings, we’ve provided some guidelines to help make your trip more secure. Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than losing something or being mugged or robbed.

Don’t overpack

The best advice and the most difficult to follow is not to overpack. It makes your possessions more manageable. But, because we want our vacation to be the ultimate experience an unhampered by not ‘having enough,’ we tend to pack every single thing we can think of, spares and extras until our bags are bursting at the seams, often with some of our most valuable possessions. But, we’d do well to remember that we have to carry that bag wherever we go, watch it continuously, hoist it onto the checked luggage ramp, grab it off the carousel, and raise it onto the luggage rack or bed upon arrival. If we don’t check it (a danger in its own right), we aren’t always careful to watch it, either. Thieves know that tired and excited people make the best marks and that people with the most luggage have a hard time watching it all.


Keep these items with you:

Your travel documents (keep a copy in your cell phone photos of these and anything in your wallet)
Your electronics/chargers
A spare change of clothing/toothbrush
Money (split up what you have)

Do not take expensive jewelry, a lot of cash, or anything you aren’t willing to lose. Have everything ready to go through the security line at the airport--and don't leave anything behind, even if you have to keep a count of your items!


Some people prefer to travel with a backpack instead of more traditional luggage. Pack a backpack so that valuables aren’t out of your sight unless they’re buried deep. Make sure your pack fits your height, weight and body type. (A sporting goods store can help you with this.)  Keep the most necessary items close to your body where they can be reached quickly.


If you have a carry-on, make sure it has wheels or is light enough that you can carry it for hours without issue. The reason backpacks became so popular is because carrying weight on one side of your body throws it out of alignment. But, be careful, especially if you’re not used to hoisting weight around. Don’t take anything which is too heavy for you to put in the overhead compartment by yourself.

No rushing, please!

Airport escalators, moving sidewalks, security lines, and loading ramps are all places where we’re on the move, but the danger is compounded if you’re in a big rush. You’d be surprised how easy it is to be pickpocketed in any of these situations because it’s easy to become distracted in the excitement while trying to juggle your documents, luggage, and stay with your travel companions.

It’s important to have fun on vacations, but security is a must. Being tired, weighed down with a lot of stuff, or having your valuables within easy reach of thieves can make a vacation go south fast. Be safe!

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