Tis the Season for Security!

Tis the Season--to think about your security! Unfortunately, one of the holiday happenings involves thieves trying everything to break into your house or car, steal your wallet or grab your purse. Today, we’re going to review some security guidelines that I hope will remind everyone to stay safe.

Thieves wait until you’re out: home security

Between the parties and pageants and holiday shopping, people spend a lot of time away from home. Thieves know this. They will wait until you drive away before they attempt to gain entry into your home.

If you have deadbolts on all your entry doors, that’s great! Some people are investing in security camera, including Smart doorbells, which offer a little more peace of mind. Do a little mental (or physical) check of your home security before you leave. Doors locked? Check. Gates locked? Check. You know what you need to consider. It’s a great habit to start.

The days when you could open your front window and have a glorious display of the Christmas tree with the packages piled around it are probably over. If you have items of value, hide them until Christmas. Don’t hide them in the closet, though. Or in the dresser.

If you’re planning a little getaway, keep it on the down low until you get back. We all have a fair idea what it means when a family starts packing suitcases in the car, so try to do that in the garage if you can.


Putting gifts under the tree makes a break-in like a shopping trip for thieves.

Putting gifts under the tree makes a break-in like a shopping trip for thieves.

Shopping is another place where people need to be on the alert. Keep your belongings close to you, including not leaving a handbag in the shopping cart. Shop with a friend, and park your car in a well-lighted area. If you see something that seems odd or out of place, trust your gut. We hope to have another blog on shopping soon.

Car dangers

Packages in cars are tempting to robbers. Don’t leave anything on the seat that might look tempting, and make sure your doors are locked and the alarm is on if you have one. Lock packages in your trunk when you leave a parking lot. Thieves can’t see you put items in the trunk before entering another store.


The holidays are a big time of year for home and car lockouts. During the holidays, people are out and about, busy and they get distracted, which makes it easy to accidentally lock the keys in the house, car or trunk. This can be embarrassing if it doesn’t happen to you all the time, but, believe me, it can happen to anyone.

Call a locksmith

I like to tell people to put my phone number in your cell phone contacts in case you or your friend gets locked out of the house or car. I always try to be quick and will tell you honestly how long it will take me to get to your lockout. I mean, your friend’s lockout. ;)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. If you need me, call me. I’m one of your security measures.

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