Security for Singles

Security for Singles

Living alone has some definite benefits, but security is a little bit different for a single person. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways a single person can add layers of security to their life.

Smart security and doorbells

I’m not single but I can put a deadbolt on your doors so you’ll always feel secure!

I’m not single but I can put a deadbolt on your doors so you’ll always feel secure!

Smart locks allow complete control over who is allowed in or out of the home. A Smart doorbell will tell you what is happening. The combination of the two gives full control and awareness of when the front door opens and who it is, even when the homeowner isn’t there.

As an addendum to this, consider getting other Smart features, such as moisture sensing devices. One of the downsides of living alone is that it isn’t always possible to be everywhere at once. A leak in the water heater or beneath the sink is something a single homeowner may overlook, but a Smart sensor won’t.

Don’t trust strangers.

Single residents should be cautious about allowing strangers into their home. Since there is no backup person, it’s easier for thieves or home invaders to take advantage of the situation. Since single people can sometimes be lonely, they can be easy targets for criminals. Since burglars are often known to their victims, it makes sense to think twice about allowing that campaign canvasser or gas inspector in the front door. Sometimes, they come back when the person isn’t home.

Keep quiet about plans.

If a single is going away for the week or attending a social function, it’s easy to want to tell others, especially on social media. Even if you’re merely going away for a few days, it’s great if you can find someone to keep an eye on your house or stay there for a few days.

Keep a buddy in the loop.

Let someone know where you are and how long you plan to be away. If no one knows you're away, others won’t know if you’re missing. Keeping someone in the loop will not only help you bond with others but will also give you peace of mind. This is especially true if you often travel solo or don’t have a traditional job.

Consider taking a friend with you if you go out on the town, as well.

Phone on hand--or body

Some singles, in particular, those who aren’t as mobile as they once were, keeping their cell phone handy is a great way to stay safe. A cell phone holder similar to a messenger bag can be strapped to the body in the morning and removed at night. If the person has an emergency or even a fall, the phone is already with the person, so it’s easier to call for help.

While living alone has some significant advantages, it takes a little extra bit of navigation to have optimal security. While it’s true that there’s no one else to blame if the back door is unlocked, living alone offers tremendous freedom from having to arrange one’s schedule around the needs of another person.

But, if a single is willing to be smart and stay safe, living alone has some fantastic rewards.