Secure Lock Options

The terminology that manufacturer’s and locksmiths use to describe the properties of security locks can sometimes get a little confusing. So, today we’re going to talk about some terms used in the security industry, what they mean and how they might be of value to the homeowner.

Two anti-drill bars (at the top) and stainless steel ball bearings make this lock anti-drill.

Two anti-drill bars (at the top) and stainless steel ball bearings make this lock anti-drill.

Thieves will stop at nothing to break into a home or office. The better our security, the more likely they will be to give up and go try an easier mark. As we’ve said before, many people already know the person who breaks into their home or business. Whether it’s the delivery person, dog walker, or guy who brought his kids trick-or-treating to your house last week, thieves are always on the lookout for a mark, and often it’s when they’re doing very ordinary things.

Having great security doesn’t just keep people out; it also discourages them from even trying to break into your house. Here are some lock options and their characteristics:

Anti-drill locks

Anti-drill locks are designed so that the lock itself messes with the drill in an attempt to slow or stop the drilling. Some are made with anti-drill pins, which are pins made of hardened steel, making them harder than the drill bit. Others have steel ball bearings inserted, which will make the drill bit spin instead of drilling.

Anti-bump locks

We have written before about lock bumping and how it works, but anti-bump locks are designed with sidebars which can be programmed instead of top pins, extra pins, or pin stacks which are too shallow to jump when the lock is bumped. All of these are designed to make a lock which can’t be bumped.

Anti-pick locks

Lockpicking is a delicate art which, once mastered, can take a thief only seconds to open a lock. Anti-pick devices in locks, such as ridged or mushroom-shaped pin stacks, make picking the lock almost impossible.

An understanding of these terms can help a customer understand lock workings and choose the kind of security which is best for a particular situation.

The point of locks is security, so having the best protection available is worthwhile. It always amazes me when I go on a call to a beautiful home full of lovely, valuable items but the door locks are cheap, shoddy products. Quality locks and great security go hand in hand.

A locksmith can provide a variety of options, depending on a customer’s situation. When the need for security is essential to the business or homeowner, a great locksmith can come in handy as a resource for the very best in security locks.

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