Basic Security Tips--part one

With the holidays around the corner, this is an excellent time to review your security practices and redress those things which haven’t been addressed or required renewed vigilance. It may also be the right time to look into some new options which may not have been available when you set up your home security. Since security options have become more economical for businesses, more thieves are turning to residential burglaries in hopes that their home security is lax or nonexistent. No one wants to be an easy target!



Businesses aren’t the only ones who can step up security! Motion-lights, motion detectors, and alarm systems are incredibly useful ways to maximize safeguards for your home. If you already have these installed and haven’t tested them in a while, this is an excellent time to do so. It only takes a few minutes to see if any bulbs are burned out, and that everything functions properly. If you feel that your current electronic array is inadequate or lacking, consider expanding what you already own.

Existing Locks

Locks are not meant to last forever, and the less-expensive locks which may even have been put on your home by the previous owner may need to be replaced, as well as any door locks which catch or drag. Loose knobs, and deadbolts, and locks that stick or don’t fasten properly every time warrant your timely attention. Don’t forget to check every door--and every gate. You know the burglars will!


If you are going out of town, make plans for a nearby neighbor to collect your mail and watch your home. Ask that they remove any flyers on the door, fallen branches, or other apparent signs which indicate that you aren’t home.

Because postal delivery is often so punctual, many burglars watch the mail carrier to see if they don’t stop and a residence as a way to help determine which homes are unoccupied. So, stopping your mail has ceased to be a deterrent to burglary and may in some cases tip off an intruder that you are away. You may want to invest in a Hue or another lighting system which can give you control over your home lighting, even when you’re away. You can randomly turn your lights on and off with your smartphone, which is a much better way to foil burglars than non-adjustable timers.

Strangers at the Door

If you see a stranger in your peephole when the doorbell rings, you do not have to answer. In some cases, home invasions have occurred because burglars knocked on the door to say they had a delivery or pretend they accidentally hit a car parked in front of your house. When the resident (usually a senior, single woman, or wealthy individual) answers the door, the intruder shoves their way inside. One solution is to have a motion-activated doorbell with an intercom system, such as Skybell. Built with a remote intercom system, you can use your smartphone to see and speak to the person who is at your door without unlocking it. You don’t even need to be home.

Finally, it’s important not to leave doors and windows unlocked even when you’re at home. Sometimes, our winter days here in the Valley are so pleasant that it’s refreshing to open a window to allow fresh air inside. If you are prone to opening windows, there are open window locks and alarms which can provide your home with security AND fresh air.

Also, you can minimize the places where burglars can hide by keeping foliage trimmed back away from the house unless it’s a plant with plenty of thorns, which are difficult places to hide.

If you require locks or deadbolts which need to be repaired or replaced, or if you have general security concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your locksmith to learn what we can do to help.

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