Burglary Prevention for Your Small Business

Remove valuables from display cases before locking up at night.

Remove valuables from display cases before locking up at night.

First of all, it’s important to know the difference between a burglary and a robbery. A burglary is a theft event which occurs on your premises when you aren’t there.  A robbery is a theft event in which you are in direct contact with the thieves.
Today, we are going to talk about ways to minimize your chances of a burglary.

Physical Prevention of Burglary

  • Lock all gates, doors, deadbolts, and padlocks (steel!). If your padlocks have serial numbers, remove these to avoid duplication.
  • Windows--Your windows should have tempered, burglar-resistant glass. They should be locked with high-quality security locks and any windows which aren’t display windows should have metal grating or bars.
  • Steel reinforced doorways. Doors should be metal lined or have metal crossbars. 
  • Valuables such as jewelry, guns, or other high-theft items should be removed from the display window and locked up before closing. This includes cash, which should be put in a cash drop at regular intervals and removed from the premises at night.
  • Clear doors and windows will make it easier to monitor and maintain the premises at its weak spots--the doors and windows.
  • Lighting will show off a burglary. You want the burglar to show up well on the security camera, to passersby, and to police, in the event the burglar trips the alarm. This includes the cash register, all doors and windows, and the parking lot. 
  • Security cameras are so economical and smart that technology has advanced to the point where you can provide a picture to the police of the thief caught right in the act. Make sure it’s in a suitable location for this purpose.
  • A daily security check should be conducted, and safe habits developed
Windows should be tempered, burglar-resistant glass.

Windows should be tempered, burglar-resistant glass.

One of the things a small business owner needs to do is to establish a security policy-- a sequence of events for all employees to follow in the event of an emergency, including a burglary or robbery. This protocol should be written and within easy reach of an employee who may arrive on the scene of a burglary, or be a victim of a robbery. Often people are shaken up when such an event occurs and are not thinking clearly. A written set of instructions in a convenient location gives your employees immediate guidance and an automatic plan of action. Typically, the first response is to call the police, and then call you. 

Highly prepared businesses with good security habits are less likely to get burglarized. But if it happens, having a reliable security protocol will minimize the impact.

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