Types of Burglars


No one wants to have their home or business burglarized.  It’s insulting, unnerving, and costly. Burglars all have one thing in common: they don’t respect the rules of society. While we would never think of snatching someone’s purse or throwing a rock through their sliding glass door, burglars do things like this--and worse--with no remorse.

But, did you know that there are different types of burglars? From the petty to the criminal mastermind, burglars can be classified into roughly four groups, and each group can be thwarted by some part of your security measures. They are Opportunists, Scouts, Prowlers, and Professionals.


Opportunists like unlocked doors and easy break-ins, because they don't have a plan. (Second degree.) These people steal for kicks as much as anything.  An Opportunist is the burglar equivalent of a kid who steals a candy bar in a store when no one is looking. Opportunists are the reason you don’t turn your back on your purse in the grocery cart or leave your front (or back) door unlocked when you go get the mail.



A Scout is a burglar who targets fast without much thought or planning. He is a step above an Opportunist because he will kick in a door or break a window. Many Scouts are drug addicts looking for something to turn fast for quick cash. Looters are Scouts because they will smash and grab before anyone has a chance to respond to your security alarm. This kind of burglar is the reason you don’t leave loose, bulky items in your backyard.


A prowler is organized. He knows where to sell the things he steals. His burglaries are planned. He watches you and your family and knows your habits. Prowlers are the reason you change up your routine from time to time and keep your eyes open for unusual activity on your street. Prowlers detest alarms and cameras.


A Professional is an expert who nearly always deal in specific, rare or high-value items. Professionals make a good living at being thieves, and almost never get caught. Most people will never be a victim of a professional unless they own a jewelry store or deal in valuables of that sort of nature.


Understanding the different types of burglars can help you to appreciate the importance of having a good security system. Good locks,  security alarm, security lights, and a video camera security system will all help you prevail against different types of burglars. 
While no amount of security can stop a burglar if he is genuinely intent on getting into your home or store, substantive security measures will make even the best burglar consider targeting someone else, instead.