Reasons to Buy a New Lock

The level of security people choose for their door locks always surprises me. Some will go down to the Big Box store and buy the cheapest, most bumpable lock on the rack. Others will call me and want a Fort Knox grade lock--but won’t put dowel sticks in their sliding windows. Still others will do everything right, and if they happen to lose their keys, they make my job tough when they call me on a lockout.


The reality is, we have to protect our property as though someone, sometime is going to try to break into our home or office.  We want to make our security tough, so tough that they decide to give up on our house and try to break in somewhere else.

Usually, you can rekey or replace a lock, but sometimes that's not what the homeowner or business owner decides. We are going to go over the exceptions so that you can get a better idea of when you honestly need to replace a lock.

Old Age

Locks get old, and when that happens, the internal parts just don’t work well anymore. Rekeying isn’t going to make it work better, either. It’s time to retire that old lock and get something new.


Poor Quality

Sometimes a lock is of poor quality and doesn’t reflect the amount of security the homeowner or business needs to keep their property secure. Especially if expensive electronics or other goods are involved, a secure lock can make all the difference.

Upgrade to Smart Locks or a keypad

The decision to upgrade arrives when the homeowner is tired of the kids losing keys or of fumbling for keys, or the business owner wants to be able to easily restrict who has access to different parts of a facility.


Sometimes a lock can break, is drilled in a robbery, or gets rusty. These are situations where a new lock is alway warranted. If it’s the case of a break-in, the other locks in the home should be rekeyed.

Ugly Lock

Sometimes a homeowner doesn’t like the way a lock looks, the lock doesn’t match the door after painting, or the owner decides they want a new deadbolt and the old door lock doesn’t match. If a homeowner decides they want to go with an elegant lock or a lock with different features from their current lock, they will replace the existing lock.


Home security is an ongoing process which changes with the level of threat and need, as well as advances in technology. If you decide you want new locks installed, give me a call. I’d be happy to come out and install it, do an assessment or rekey your other locks, and talk to you about your general home security situation. After all--we want to keep that burglar out of your home.

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