Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Security

There are many things you can do to enhance the security of your home. You can put up a security fence, add extra locks to your doors, have your doors on a security alarm, and gate your gateway. However, all of these safety measures won't be as useful if there is unmonitored activity outside your home.  While you can always look through your window, unless the yard is well lit, there is no way you will be able to tell what is going on outside. It could be an animal, it could be the wind blowing tree branches. Or it could be a burglar trying to break into your home.

Hiding in the dark is hard when the corners are all so well-lit.

Hiding in the dark is hard when the corners are all so well-lit.

Having home security lighting can relieve you of some of these concerns. By installing security lighting around your home, your view increases enormously, adding another tier to your home security. In addition to the fact that your yard will be well lit so that you or your neighbors can spot intruders before they can do any harm, these lights can also be useful if you typically return home late at night. Visibility of your surroundings at night will give you security and great peace of mind.


There are different types of home security lights. It all depends on what you prefer and what you need. There are many types of lights which are available for a variety of applications. Planning to install a home security lighting system is good, but you also need to know the kind of options you have in order to be able to choose the ones that suit you best. At the same time, you also need to keep in mind the downside of security lighting: you want to have a lighting system, but without having it pointing at or annoying your neighbors or violating your HOA.

Security lighting can be integrated into a Smart Home to work in tandem with cameras, so the homeowner is not only warned when an intruder approaches but has a visible image of the person and a photograph.

Dusk-to-dawn lighting is more economical if LED lighting is used.

Dusk-to-dawn lighting is more economical if LED lighting is used.


Having your home lit reduces the risk of a burglar selecting your house for his mission, but floodlights discourage anyone from actually looking to see what is happening, so low lights, strategically placed, are more effective. The dusk-to-dawn lights require in-built photocells or a timer.


Motion activated lighting is incredibly popular, and there's a good reason for that; it gives more benefits than other types of home security lighting. It is low cost, convenient, and of course, offers proficient security. The motion activated lighting works by detecting motion a number of feet away. Based on the angle of the sensor and the proximity of the movement, the motion light will go on and then go off if the motion goes out of range again. These lights will not need to be replaced as frequently, as they aren’t on all night.


Hi/lo, motion activated lighting is a type of home security lighting is the combination of the previous two. This means that the lamps are on from dusk until dawn but at only 20% of their wattage unless the motion sensors detect movement, in which case they brighten to their full capacity.


Some homeowners want their lighting connected to a SmartHome system and motion cameras to make full use of crime deterrent options, but maybe existing security lighting doesn’t need to be replaced. Updating or upgrading existing fixtures, possibly switching to LED bulbs or adding smart components can make an older system more economical, more functional, and ultimately quite suitable.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or alter your security lighting, adding lighting to great locks and other deterrent measures will add to the security of your home.