Security Outside the Home

One of the things that happens as we navigate our lives is that security away from home can become an issue. All of our locks, alarms and security systems do us no good once we leave our homes.

Last week we talked about having things stolen out of our vehicles, including vehicles parts.
This week, we’re going to talk about leaving our belongings somewhere other than our homes, and the security measures we need to take when we find ourselves in one of those places.

Leaving things unattended or unsecured is an invitation for a thief.

Leaving things unattended or unsecured is an invitation for a thief.

Away from home

When we go someplace, say to school or the gym, we have belongings which need to be protected. Perhaps we decide to leave them hidden in the car. But, maybe we decide they’d be safer inside the building since it gets pretty hot during the summer here in Phoenix. We are now faced with a dilemma: will our belongings be safe in the locker?

Don't take valuables with you when you travel.

Don't take valuables with you when you travel.

The same thing happens when we go on a cruise ship and have to leave our belongings in the stateroom. While we are out enjoying ourselves, our things are left unattended in a crowded ship for long periods of time. Everyone on the staff has a key! That’s just the way it is.

Maybe we are moving or have moved and wind up with a mini storage of some sort. Provide your family with documentation and the means to find and secure those items in the event that anything happens to you. Be aware that, in most of these places, family belongings cost more to keep than they are worth over the life of the storage contract.

If you spend time living in a school or care facility, bringing certain valuables may be necessary. Whatever the reason, these have the potential to be security threats, so don’t bring them without also bringing the means to secure them.

Some security options

Don't prop your hotel room door open.

Don't prop your hotel room door open.

Choose carefully what to take with you when you leave home. Less is better, since carrying too much stuff can be distracting.
Try not to leave anything you wouldn’t be willing to lose in a less-than secure location
Add particularly valuable items that you must keep with you as a rider on your homeowner’s insurance. 
Don’t flash anything around in public places. 
Lock your things up with the utmost care: doublecheck padlocks, keep your stateroom locked, and don’t leave your gym bag unlocked or your hotel window or door propped open when you go to the ice machine.
Use the hotel safe if you have anything you need to be secured when you travel.

Back at the ranch

When you find yourself away from home for any reason, don’t forget that home security remains essential. Even though you’re the away team, you want to come home to find that your security at home has been effective, as well. You can find out more about travel security options here.

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