On Being a Locksmith

A lot of people ask me about the business of locksmithing and how I get my new customers. 
Today I’m going to give you a little bit of an inside view of my business from my point of view. 

My number one preferred method of getting new customers is word of mouth. 

The friend of a client, friend of a friend, business associates, realtors, my mechanic--when new clients come to me through other people, it tells me that the person trusted my abilities and integrity enough to recommend me, and also that the person was willing to boost my business. Those aren’t things a small business owner takes lightly!

My number one expense is my service vehicle.

A locksmith business is a mobile operation, so everything I might need must be on hand when my customers have a lockout situation or need a rekey, day or night. My vehicle always has to be in top condition, have gas and be ready to ride at a moment’s notice, because if a child or pet is locked in a car, I can’t have a broken belt or hose or be down at the gas station filling up. Also, at three am, no one wants to wait for me to check my oil or tires.

My number one pet peeve is fake locksmiths.

Let's face it, there are a lot of creatively deceptive locksmith ads out there which will bring someone who may or may not be a criminal to your door. Integrity means a lot to me, primarily my own integrity. I try to be as fair as I can. So, I hate it when people get burned by a bad locksmith. It leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

My number one area of business growth is smart security.

As technology evolves, the business of security and locksmithing becomes better and better. Face it, we’ll always have the basic deadbolt, but the security technology that’s coming into use now makes people’s lives safer and easier. Being a part of that is great. It also helps me out as a locksmith because online exposure means my customers really get to know me and can watch my business from their home. 

My number one business tool is my cell phone.

My customers can always reach me,  even when I’m out on a call with another customer, which is important when the individual happens to be locked out of their house or car. I try to always keep right on top of my phone, because commitment don’t take a day off, and I don’t, either!

People love my 'Question of the Day" feature!

People love my 'Question of the Day" feature!

My number one reward is service and customer satisfaction.

When I do a job well, whether it’s saving a pet from a locked car, or rekeying an entire house or building, the look of happiness on the customer’s face is really gratifying. I’m not in the business of locksmithing just to ‘make a sale’ or to make a business opportunity out of someone being in trouble. How I treat people is important to me, and I think service is a great reward.